March 23, 2014

Having made motel reservations to the 28th, to be changed on the fly later, I awoke by about 6 a.m. on this Sunday morning. My packs and gear were waiting to be loaded into my trunk. I double-checked by my list for things not to forget to bring, made ready to leave my place for awhile, and then left home by about 8:45 a.m.

Taking Interstate 5 southbound, I stopped at Flag City for a break and drink, already, and making many more stops to take rest breaks, motored south. The weather was good, though rain was due for many days up north, but my forecast for where I was headed was much better. It was a good time to leave for the Desert Southwest.

I had advertised a trip planning and chat session by my Meetup club, but got zero response. If no one wishes to have travel fun, even for free, so be it. My old hiking buddies would just rather never climb a peak again, and travel by car is Hell, by many. You do need to have to hold it in, as I wouldn’t be stopping, say every 20 minutes, as required by some. We have to get to where we’re going. In the deep past, the peak bagging section had some alright hikers, who didn’t mind the traveling, and were comfortable and good with my schedule. Then there were some who never had nothing to complain about. Too hot, too cold, too fast, too slow, it was always something. Best to leave those people behind!

I soon came by towards Bakersfield, CA, and thought to try the road over to U.S. 99, 7th Standard Road. It took about 22 miles to make the connection from I-5 to U.S. 99. There are stops and lights, but it went fast enough. Motoring a short way south on 99, I took the exit for CA 58 eastbound. I like the sights going over Tehachapi Pass. Stopping at an exit by Tehachapi, CA, I did some video of the wind farms there.

Down into the desert, I zoomed along, and did a stop or two at rest areas. Rested and hydrated, I looked forward to getting to Barstow, CA. The visitor center for the desert parks was closed, so I went to my motel, and checked in. Searching the Net for good dining, I wound up going to a Teriyaki spot, where I had a chicken bowl. Cheap, and O.K. Back to my room, I did research on what to do, in the next few days.

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