March 26, 2014

Up early in the morning, I had a forest road to drive, seeking a crossing. Taking the Interstate north a short distance, I took the exit to NM 52, to Cuchillo, NM. Scenic back roads are of interest to me, and this was good. With nothing open there, I went on to Winston, NM, and found another general store for drink and a break. Connecting up with NM 59, this heads into the National Forest, and another Divide crossing. Not as high as I expected, it climbs on up, and I set my video to even capture some elk on the road ahead. There was a sign marking this crossing, and I stopped, then turned around to go to a trailhead with restroom. The Continental Divide Trail goes through here, with a trail sign.

So that was done. I returned east, with a stop at Chloride, a ghost town. There is a museum, and I donated a dollar, using a nice facility. I had a chat with the caretakers, then left.

Back to Interstate 25, I zoomed north, to Socorro, NM, where I took U.S. 60 west. There was easy driving for the rest of this day. I set video for the crossing just east of Pie Town, NM, which was all closed up. I had sought to have some pie, here, but I was defeated. Backtracking east to Datil, NM, I took NM 12 westward for another crossing. There was the Plains of San Agustin, and then my video didn’t run as I had thought. So, I missed capturing a close encounter with some pronghorns by the highway, and only took a brief clip as I crossed over by the sign.

Joining NM 32, I headed north, and enjoyed the scenery. Many enviro club people hate this, but I was having my fun. Scenic, remote country. Coming then to Quemado, NM, I got a drink and rest, then took NM 36 north for a double crossing. Setting my video to capture driving over both of them, there wasn’t any sign or marker. Low ridges, not much to see. So, that was done. I had some miles to go northward to get to Gallup, NM. There is a crossing on NM 53 which I had already done, seeing El Morro and El Malpais National Monuments in 2005 or so.

A terrible wind and dust storm was in progress as I came to Gallup, and I had to get directions for my motel. Again, I just had a salad from a fast food eatery for dinner, doing my diet well. I enjoyed having time to be online, getting the news and connecting, with some good speed at some of the motels.

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