April 1, 2014

To bed early, I rose as the sun, again, to do a time lapse for the dawn. Resting and relaxing in my room, I made in-room coffee, which wasn't much, so I went down to the casino floor for diet soda. Taking the Deuce with my pass still good, I sought a good breakfast, but took photos and video at the Bellagio Conservatory. The motif was spring, with workers still installing flower beds. If I had the carpool companions, I might do this on every new season, a visit to Vegas, for the displays here.

Taking the monorail over to City Center, I wandered into the Aria lobby. New for me, I took photos, and got a table at the cafe. Ordering a grand, steak and eggs breakfast, the meat came red, not well done as I requested. They did give me a refill on my diet soda, but I am used to Vegas quality. I spared a generous tip, after a somewhat rushed meal, then sauntered northward on the Strip, with more new sights, for me, due to newly opened walkways.

Too tired to do much more, I rode back to my hotel, and caught up on my sleep. Up again, I surfed on the Net, and determined to go back out for food before my bus pass expired. To the Linq again, I had some Maine lobster tacos, special for Tuesday night, half off. The waitress was talkative, and I gave her my website name for she said to like the outdoors. It’s all free to visit, aside from already having Internet access, and though downloading the movies takes up a lot of a small data plan.

Back to my room, I went to sleep early for my drive home.

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