Last updated or modified on June 14, 2021

This agreement may be updated or modified at any time, with or without notice.

Covid-19 protocols MUST BE FOLLOWED. Vaccination required.

Riders must be congenial, basically friendly, and cooperative. We are sharing a ride, and our time and space in the Universe, and to hopefully enjoy each other’s company. The general desired atmosphere is to like or love one another, and accord full respect and dignity. Hostility and hatred isn’t our goal. Communication is essential. Safety is paramount.

No weapons, or offensive, objectionable items to be possessed or carried. Harm and hurt isn’t supported here. Members of violent hate or terror groups need NEVER apply to join us. NO SIERRA CLUB! A prior criminal background check may be part of our investigation. Suspicious riders may be subject to a search. Privacy is supported, but we will need valid ID.

No polluters! We do not save people money so they can spend it on gas! Carbon offsets count for exemptions from this requirement. We will require proof for this.

I will make initial determinations by prior video chat. This may be backed up by polygraph testing. Camera shy riders need not apply.

1. No illegal drugs or weapons (exception made for pepper spray, if traveling to an unleashed animal destination or Griz territory).
2. Hate is never our way.
3. Any violent or threatening acts, and you will be immediately ejected from the carpool, and forever eliminated from further rides. Making death threats, and any other similar behavior, and you will be recorded, with the evidence passed on to law enforcement.
4. Online connection is supported. Please enjoy your opportunities, but be mindful of basic courtesy. Earbuds or AirPods are supported for listening and chatting. No loud or obnoxious behavior.
5. I will be the driver. All of my determinations will be stated and enforced, and appeals can be heard.
6. I have previously nodded off, once, at the wheel, while taking pain medication. Please advise promptly if my driving appears to be of any hazard. Assistance is welcome.
7. Rest breaks are supported. Passengers in need will promptly and clearly make their personal necessities known. Facilities may not be available, so pee bottles and wag bags are supported. Sanitation is required. Containers will be 100% sealed. Disinfectant soap or hand sanitizers will be available.
8. Relevant medical conditions will be made known beforehand to the driver.
9. No littering or pollution! Any discarding of litter and trash outside of provided bags or containers will result in ejection from the carpool. Roadside facilities will be used. We do not relieve ourselves into the environment! Excessive or deliberate flatulence is considered pollution.
10. Dining, and any deviations from the trip plan, will be proposed well beforehand by each rider, as to never cause surprises, or forced, abrupt changes in plans. Please study the intended route to make prior requests for stopping or side tripping ops, using a Maps application.
11. Democracy is supported. Votes will be held and adhered to for dining preferences, with the driver making the final determination, and as far as destinations. No unreasonable requests or impossible demands. Those preferring to not dine will have to wait, as per the group agreement.
12. Multiple 4K video cams will be running, as well as car security. Interference or sabotage will result in ejection from the carpool.
13. There have been riders with a history of non-compliance with these terms. NONE of these ever need to apply for ridership.
14. Riders will have full legal rights. No gender or racial harassment. We will be open to complaints about other riders, and the final determination is to be made by the driver, as the sole judge.
15. The car resource will be kept clean and neat. Damage, vandalism, deliberate spills, and other malicious behavior isn’t considered to be depreciation. Refusals to comply will result, again, in immediate ejection from the carpool.

All of these terms and conditions have been made necessary by the behavior of previous riders. Clubs and club members with hatred or disdain of the resource need NEVER apply for ridership.

A deposit may be required for ridership. We may request substantial cash, or credit card to be held by the driver until after the carpool. It’s to be the driver’s determination on 100% or any refunds or returns. Riders are expected to be legally and financially responsible, with proof of this required, beforehand.

Expenses will be open to sharing. Power costs may be required, so nobody rides for free, unless previously agreed upon.

Most or all of these requirements are non-negotiable. Please comment or protest beforehand. Once the riding commences, it will be assumed to be all agreed in full. You may have to provide a signature beforehand. Video depositions are to be held valid.

Ejection from the carpool may be necessitated at any time, pursuant to rider behavior. We can no longer be responsible or liable further, if this is the rider’s choice. Such riders are advised to have contingency plans. It may be hazardous conditions into which non-compliant riders may be placed. Pitch black dark, no services available, or climate extremes, can be the environment outside the carpool.

Our mission is to provide a safe and successful, clean or cleaner, driving and riding event. The environment is supported in full. The resource is limited, so please, provide your own transportation if this offer is declined.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Facebook Messenger Cash, PayPal, or Zelle, are supported.

Here’s to a safe and successful ride sharing opportunity and event! Cheers!



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