It is with a gentle departure that we announce Peter H. Yamagata, 71, previously of Sacramento, CA, found his peace on September 6, 2023, in the comfort of his Reno, Nevada home. An esteemed 1969 graduate of Kennedy Senior High School in Sacramento, Peter was recognized with a National Merit Scholarship. He earned his Associate of Arts degree from Sacramento City College. His career included a notable 12-year service with the State of California Water Resources Board.

Peter's passion for mountaineering led him to author the "Northern Sierra Peaks Guide," through which he documented 1,731 ascents, testament to his dedication to the sport. In his golden years, he was a fervent advocate for trail creation and forest conservation.

Born the youngest son to the late Howard Y. and Chieko Yamagata, his legacy endures through his siblings, Dana and John, and his sister, Sara Ward. In line with his final wishes, there will be no formal funeral or memorial events. Acts of kindness in the form of donations to forest preservation in Peter's memory are encouraged and deeply appreciated.


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The purpose of this website (services available) is to chronicle my personal peak climbing, hiking, and Earth travel, done in a safe, enjoyable, successful, and responsible manner, throughout the Pacific West of the United States of America. I have personally completed now well over one thousand peak ascents, mostly in California, but also in the rest of the Western United States. Doing similar numbers of hikes, I've perhaps driven over 400,000 miles of fuel efficient and now zero emissions traveling and road trips, over modern superhighways, to riding on the worst imaginable 4WD tracks. Mass transit is supported with an additional several thousands of miles ridden and flown.

My current 1,731 peak ascents have been completed over some 764 separate summits. My climbing is concentrated mainly in the Sierra Nevada, with various other ascents throughout the Southwestern Desert, the Great Basin, Coastal Ranges, Cascades, and the Rockies.

Being an avid Nikon, and now lately, too, an iPhone photographer and videographer, and Rove 4K dash cam user, I have captured perhaps four hundred thousand digital images, 35mm Kodachrome slide film pictures, and movies of the summit views, ascent routes, and travel features, enroute. And, tens of thousands of photographs, plus hundreds of movie clips, with plenty of descriptive text, are displayed on this website! We do care and we do share!

I am also the author of the free-for-use, online Northern Sierra Peaks Guide, which details route directions on 86 peaks in or near the Northern Sierra Nevada, from roughly Adams Peak to Leavitt Peak. Having personally completed a total of over 300 peak ascents about the range of this Guide, all route descriptions therein are taken from notes made during my personal, actual, explorations.

Keep it wild and free, and clean and green!


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