Provided that upon achieving the summit, you gain the view, please perform a "summit twirl." This is done by standing upon a safe location as close as possible to the true highest point, then pointing a video-enabled camera held at about arm's length, or slightly further, towards your face. Rotate yourself with the camera (running video) aimed at your face so that both you and the full 360 degree vista are recorded. If possible, employ a wide-angle lens setting. Please enable device GPS if available. Upload (share) the video to the Internet. Various free, public websites will allow video posts. You Tube or Facebook may be satisfactory. E-mail the link or URL to the post board at the Facebook Thousand Peaks Club site.

Incomplete, unviewable, or obscured videos may be rejected. No liability will be accepted for loss, injury, or death. A video chat will be required to confirm your identity. Attachment or embedding of any viruses, malware, spyware, trojan horses, or similar embedded code will result in immediate disqualification, in addition to probable legal action, and possible prosecution, civil liability, and penalty. The submittor hereby agrees to be liable for all pursuant legal and investigative costs, at the sole discretion of the Nevada Peaks Club Secretary.

File formats should be standard Internet accepted code. Flash, Quicktime, and html 5 are supported. Uploads to offensive, objectionable, obscene, or otherwise unacceptable websites will not be viewed. This procedure will be under review and subject to change or revocation. No guarantees are hereby made for acceptance into the Nevada Peaks Club.

A highly limited camera loan may be available. Deposit and shipping fees required. Delivery address necessary. With an absence of Internet access, a physical delivery address for shipment of a memory card with the video may be negotiated.

As of late September, 2015, we may now accept "live photos." This is possible by new technology, available presently in the latest Apple iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Other photo formats are being looked at. The main purpose is to defeat Photoshopping and similar fraud. This will be not a peak section reliant on fakes as honor system. It must be obvious that it is a summit shot, with views or summit area visible.

Good luck on your safe and successful Nevada Peaks Club ascents!

Update: Due to the advent of what is called, "Deep fakes," this method of ascent documentation is hereby put on hold. Contingent on my securing fake detection software, this may be a temporary situation. Thank you for your patience.

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