Last Updated December 22, 2019

For those hiking the complete Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, or vice versa, and also the complete Tahoe Rim Trail, otherwise known as “Thru-Hikers,” as well as specified peak list completors, my spare guest room and personal generosity are available. Flippers and section hikers are also welcome. This is dependent on my time, will, financial condition, and availability. Approved guests are also welcome. There may be ongoing on-site construction this Fall or later. This agreement may be modified at any time, with or without notice.

I reside in the West-Central Northern Nevada area, and will travel to a nearby trailhead to pick up to four Thru-Hiker backpackers at a time, and backpacks, in my rated 41-45 mpg (highway) compact sedan. This is a free service, contingent on terms. First come, first served. There must be the intent to complete the Pacific Crest Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail, or specified peak lists, in totality. We will need some proof of this. Original photos and video, blog or vlog evidence, along with valid testimony, will be accepted. There may be some chance of polygraph testing for verification purposes. And also, safety and sanitation concerns must be addressed.

Previous to any service or offerings, those with suspicious demeanors will need to submit an online criminal record check along with proof of identity. No illegal drugs, chronically homeless people, violent offenders, sex predators, felons or worse, pros, or ongoing and/or incurable criminally or mentally ill. Diseased, adversely symptomatic, or sick hikers will need to have some medical certification of non-contagious status, and some treatment can be provided with fee transport to a local medical clinic. You will need to have valid health insurance or some form of payment. A major concern is having been infected with West Nile Virus or Lyme disease, both easily contractible during the hiking.

For no charge whatsoever, you will have access to a shower and tub, modern toilet, mattress, and new carpet for tarps and sleeping bags, to accommodate up to four backpackers in an approximately 10 x 10 x 10 foot room with LED lighting, window, some storage, heating or A/C. This room has a working 39" 4K TV, and a modest library. The location usually has 4 bar signal reception by AT&T. Music, movies, or TV shows may be playing in other rooms. A music pod will be freely available. Laptop or music player rental will also be available. I do have old, used, outdoor hiking items for sale or giveaway. Gratis device charging is supported, with a powered, 6 port USB hub available.

NO LIABILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED. YOU ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! A sizable, fair deposit may be required for potential damages and clean up. I request that you leave the room and facilities as you should and do for the trail and camps. Cleaner and better than you found them! Sanitary and cleaning supplies will be made available at no charge. NO SMOKING OR VAPING!

There will be a hose and open wash area for preliminary clean up and hygiene before entering the premises. You will be subject to some inspection. No weapons, dirty or hazardous items, or other illegal or objectionable possessions (as USB flash drives or sticks) will be allowed inside. Transport to a laundromat or other wash facility will be offered beforehand with dirty or soiled gear. I can offer and loan some spare, washed, light clothing, size small to extra large, Mens. There will be storage outside the property at your own risk, or other fee storage to be made available off the premises, at your own responsibility.

The home is also my living quarters. I will be there for some of the time, with my car available, with transportation expenses to be paid for or compensated, as I have the will or time to drive.

The needs for rest and recuperation, a change of pace from the long distance hiking, dining ops (including a free buffet, if merited and available), and clean-up are the reasons for Thru-Hikers to be served. I can’t afford to grant donations or cash, loans, free food or drink, or equipment replacement. I can serve as an informal mail pickup and package holding service, no charge, limited to space available. Prior arrangements need to be made for this. I also have home security, and there is surveillance. You may be recorded, and though privacy is respected, evidence of any suspicious or criminal activity will be forwarded to law enforcement.

You will need to contact me by video cell, or online messaging, for availability of lodging and services. I do go hiking, climbing, skiing, or traveling, too! There are also personal emergencies and business. The normal schedule of Thru-Hike completion usually means that hikers come by during the middle of summer. This has been a prime time for my own travel and hiking.

There is limited backyard tent camping available, depending on site preparation work to be done. Tools for such can be provided. Paint and brushes are available for painting or etching. Tent campers must have their own waste disposal methods, as pee bottles and wag bags. No pollution on the premises! Clean containers may be emptied into home facilities, and contingent on Churchill County human waste disposal laws and regulations, sanitary waste disposal may be done onsite, depending on waste bin storage availability. There can be some disposal options aside from purchased wag bags.

There also can be highly limited employment ops. I am of need of some occassional property maintenance. $15 an hour minimum wage is supported. PayPal, Facebook Messenger, Apple Pay, or Google Pay must be supported for payment. No liability will be accepted here. You may wish to have your own health insurance for potential loss, injury, or death. Some of these jobs are somewhat hazardous.

Stays will be limited according to need. Evictions can be required or forced at any time. There is nearby intercity mass transit by a mile or so walk to a bus station, with access to a local superstore, dining, and other services. There are local entertainment ops, and some dining within two miles walking on local streets. Some Internet access can be provided. The location usually has four bar reception, and up to 400 Mbps Fiber Internet or Wi-Fi is available to be shared. Phone use or loan for taxi or other transportation can be made possible. A mountain bike may be available for rental.

Most Thru-Hikers will wish to be on their way. For those in need of additional rest, advice or consultation can be provided. The Thru-Hiker will have hiked some one thousand plus miles already. Those determined to hike completion will shortly wish to be back on the trail, and return transportation to the departure point on the PCT may not be possible immediately.

For International travelers, Google Translate is supported. I also have a few other translation apps on my phone.

You will be wished well on the remainder of your journey. Word on quitting, or injury or death, would be appreciated. Only some 50-100 PCT Thru-Hikers are successful each year (c. 2015). It seems that most will fail. Rest and relaxation may contribute to a major change of mind on hike completion. We cannot be responsible for loss of Thru-Hiker status, or any other loss, injury, or death, from any decision to quit or to not quit the trail.

This is not a commercial enterprise or any organization run by profit, donations, or charity. My availability and generosity is contingent on how well this goes. This service may be revoked at any time.

We do not discriminate on any illegal basis. Similar respect and law abiding will be necessary toward other Thru-Hikers, and all neighbors. Crime will never be tolerated. Dignity and respect for all is foremost a priority.

It is my desire, as has been done for myself and others, to help in a successful and safe Thru-Hike! The completion of the Pacific Crest Trail or the Tahoe Rim Trail are admirable backpacking goals and athletic feats. Similarly with many peak list completions. There are other Trail Angels said to be along the way, providing assistance. I have no association with any of them.

We do not run in any association with the government or any business. I am a private citizen, offering my help and assist, on my own good will, time, finances, and interest. Let’s all be friends, doing as good Thru-Hikers will do, for each other, along the way!



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