A Safety Note: Unless you are a highly experienced desert hiker or climber, do not ever try to repeat these activities on your own! The desert is an extremely hostile environment, and many persons have perished or become missing, presumably dead. It is one of the worst deaths imaginable to slowly succumb to heat, cold, or thirst. Unless one is incredibly well-prepared, most persons wouldn't survive more than a few days in desert wilderness.

These climbs would not generally have been accomplished without the fine leading, assistance, and company of the Desert Peaks Section, Angeles Chapter, Sierra Club. I am especially grateful to my generous companion Rich, whose 4WD transportation was to take us over many long stretches of California freeways and desert roads without much fail.

I had previously climbed some desert peaks on my own, with the Angeles Chapter, and with the company of some from the local chapter, before I made closer contact with the excellent people of the DPS. Over these years, I came to climb some 46 more, new, DPS-listed peaks, to raise my total count to presently 82 DPS peaks, climbed out of a list of 99 peaks. I was able to visit other attractions in the Southwestern Desert, adding greatly to my enjoyment and appreciation.

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Nevada Wilderness Peak Climbs June 26 to July 4, 1992

Springtime Desert Climbs April 2-12, 1993

Private Trip to Corkscrew Peak, Stewart Point November 26-27, 1993

Mt. Tipton, Navajo Mountain, and Humphreys Peak May 28-30, 1994

Private Trip to Nevada Peaks June 27 to July 2, 1994

White Mountain Peak October 8, 1994

Orocopia Peak, Granite Mountains #2, Palen Mountain January 14-16, 1995

Big Maria Mountains, Spectre Point January 28-29, 1995

Old Woman Mountain, Sheephole Mountain February 25-26, 1995

Rosa Point March 4, 1995

Black Butte, Chuckwalla Mountains March 25-26, 1995

Private Trip to Superstition Mountain, Weavers Needle, Baboquivari Peak April 1-3, 1995

Sentinel Peak, Porter Peak, Nelson Range April 22-24, 1995


All text is written from these actual activities, and all photos are taken on the actual activity, unless otherwise stated. Some simplification is necessary for the purposes of readability. Due to the time of authorship, some phrases may be written in the present tense. All references are accurate as to the stated time and date of the activity.

DISCLAIMER: In most cases, you should be a well-equipped and highly experienced hiker, climber, or wilderness skier to undertake, duplicate, or repeat these activities. Hazards and great danger, with potential loss, injury, and even death, are implicit in all wilderness travel, and also other forms of travel. Search, rescue and evacuation costs are generally the sole responsibility of the recipient.

My archival page, for older trip reports with photos, is currently under construction.