ECHO PEAK (8,895') CLASS 1

Location: 4 miles NW of Echo Summit, U.S. 50

Drive: Same as Ralston Peak, Route B.
Climb: Take the PCT from Echo Lakes Parking as in Ralston Peak, Route B, Climb. Continue about 3 miles along the lakeshore and then come to a junction marked with a post "Triangle Lk." Go right up the rocky trail, and in 0.7 mile more, come to a junction marked with a post with arrows pointing toward "Lk Aloha," "Echo Lk," "Lily Lake," and "Triangle Lk." The unsigned Echo Peak trail heads exactly eastnortheast from the post. Head up the hill through red fir forests, then break out into a more open area where the peak will be discernible to the east. Come to the main ridge, and head right (southeast) on a faint use trail to the rocky highpoint.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: Use Route B. One can ski across the Echo Lakes when the ice is safe. It takes experience to tell. Otherwise, don't do it!

TRIP STATS: Route A, 1,600 feet gain with an additional 200 feet gain on the return, 4.5 miles one way.

Notes: There is a fine view of the southwest shores of Lake Tahoe from the top. From the hill to the northnorthwest of the peak, there is a good view of Fallen Leaf Lake. One could use the water taxi across Echo Lakes ($12 a ride each way, in summer, 2014, $36 minimum) and save about 2.5 miles walking each way. Flagpole Peak, which is 1.2 miles to the southeast, from Echo Peak, along the main ridge, can be also ascended. There is some fine rock climbing on its sides.

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