Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass

The class 3 summit crag of Reynolds Peak (9,679') marks this less visited highpoint. This view is from its north. Photo taken September 7, 1992.

A climber tackles the low class 3 chute on the summit mass of Round Top (10,381'). Photo (right) taken October 29, 1995.















Kathy leads the class 4 summit crag of Thimble Peak (9,805'). Photo taken August 25, 1996.


Fall colors (photo right) are seen from the summit of Markleeville Peak (9,415'), with a view toward Freel Peak. Photo taken October 12, 1999.













The safe completion of another successful class 4 ascent and downclimb of Da-ek Dow Go-et Mountain (8,990') is a good reason for the victory sign! Here (photo left) is the base of the alcove that starts the easiest way to the top. Photo taken August 29, 1995.

All photos taken by Petesthousandpeaks, except with one, under Pete's direction.