MT. OLYMPUS (9,026'), AND RAMBLES ALONG INTERSTATE 80 June 17-22, 1998

Having a $50 discount coupon for a car rental, I obtained a '98 Buick Century for this shorter jaunt to the Rockies, through the Great Basin. Headed east on Interstate 80, I arrived at Evanston, Wyoming early next morning, to find new snow. I decided, then, not to go to the Wyoming National Parks. Touring instead the local museum and streets, I wound up catching up on my sleep, most of this day.

Now refreshed after my long drive, I headed back to the Salt Lake City area to drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon and hike a bit and camp.

The next day, I hiked up Mt. Olympus on a rough trail, with dozens of other hikers doing likewise. The stats on this were said to be 4,200' gain over 4 miles one way. I was able to follow the route up some low class 3 rocks near the top, and summitted some 4 hours after starting.

The view of downtown Salt Lake City was fabulous. Several other hikers were enjoying this view from the top. Flowers were blooming, and I took plenty of photos of the panoramic view of the entire Utah Valley.

Descending quickly, I toured about the towns, and secured a motel room to recuperate.

I wish to know the great cities of the West well, and a walking tour suits me best for getting to know them. I took some pictures as I spent time getting more information.

Weather the next day caused a cancellation of my climb of Ben Lomond (9,715') to the north, so I drove back south to Salt Lake City and walked about some more, in fine weather here. I shot a roll of film recording the sights. Preparation was already underway for the 2002 Winter Games.

I headed back west on Interstate 80, getting a view of the still snowy Oquirrh and Stansbury Ranges. Taking a drive south along U.S. Alt 93 to White Horse Pass (6,025'), I was getting a view of the Goshute Range, and the distant Deep Creek Range. Returning north, I climbed a small hill for the view to the north and east. Thunderstorms were to plague me for the duration of this trip.

Staying in Wendover, I headed west the next day to explore a bit. I went south from Wells, NV, to see the East Humboldts and the eastern side of the Ruby Mountains. Someday, I wish to do Hole-in-the-Mountain Peak (11,276'), whose 40-foot "hole" is visible from NV 232. I had climbed Greys Peak (10,674'), above Angel Lake, in 1982. The register I placed then was recently recovered, according to an article in Nevada magazine. I took NV 229 to get back to the Interstate. Elko and the Northeastern Nevada Museum made some sights to see.

Driving on, I took the Interstate 80 Beowave exit, and then NV 306 south to the small town of Crescent Valley. I wished to see the western escarpment of the Cortez Mountains. It wasn't much, but I was entertained by a lightning storm to the west.

Passing through Battle Mountain, NV, I gained a sight of Star Peak from Interstate 80. I declined to spend another night on the road, so finished my trip with a buffet dinner in Reno. I came home after a drive of 1,840 miles over six days. I had hiked some 19 miles with 6,000' gain. I shot about 12 36-exp. rolls of Kodachrome.