Sedona, Arizona, is one of the magic places of the desert Southwest. Its natural red rock beauty is almost unheralded. Largely undeveloped till the 1970's, real estate was pushed and sold to eager, future residents. Big promotions went nation wide, with a sort of artists' colony taking root here.

The approach highway, AZ 179, from the southeast, brings a sudden view as one drives over a hill. I believe the formation to the right is named Courthouse Rock. Despite the development, there are plenty of virgin red rock formations all about. Many of the towers and formations have names. Munds Mountain Wilderness is a scenic hiking area just south of the sprawling town. I drove a bit up a rough road to a trailhead, which has a nice view. The area then didn't seem to be noted for any rock climbing activity. Photos taken January 1, 1999, by Petesthousandpeaks.