About an 80 mile drive north from Flagstaff, Arizona, I came to the south entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. I used my park pass to make my quick, second, lifetime visit. The best view, to first come to, is said to be Grandview Point. Here, I took plenty of pictures to record my views.

I drove over to the Village and toured the facilities. Despite being the middle of winter, at 6,860 feet elevation, there was little snow. Interestingly, there is a rail line that once brought people here. The tracks and cars are still here. While traffic congestion wasn't a problem during my brief visit, the infrastructure is in place for mass transit.

Hikers and backpackers were using the Bright Angel Trail. I sauntered down it a bit, then went back to buy postcards and souvenirs. As the sun began to set, I motored over to another viewpoint, and took more photos.

There have been a number of "peaks" named, but I have little or no data on any of them. It would be a real thrill to climb some of them. Being part of a gigantic canyon system, the "peaks" would all be below the canyon rim, and thus only local highpoints. But the views from each would be highly unique, and the accomplishment worthy, in my book. Photos taken January 1, 1999, by Petesthousandpeaks.