Being that I was needing an activity to use up, by running down (for long term storage), my rechargable camera batteries, I motored out eastbound along Interstate 80 to the Town of Auburn, CA. Taking Highway 49 southbound, I shortly came to the old Foresthill Road, and parked along the pavement. Despite a fair number of users, there was plenty of room to park.

Starting my hike at 12:55 p.m., I chose to take this easy wildflower walk to see the extent of the newly blooming poppies. The river was flowing well, and the sky was then blue with sun. About ten minutes out, the first stands of our State flower were to be seen growing in profusion. The green of the river, with sections of white water, lent itself to a fine backdrop to poppies along the trail. I shot a few close-ups, then took movie clips of the rushing torrents.

The Foresthill Bridge above stood watch to all this. Being a weekend, a few mountain bikers were out. The wet trail conditions were obvious by the spatter of mud onto the backs of riders. I ventured upstream to get my daily exercise, coming to the other end of the trail after about an hour of my starting. I sought to get a clearer view of the water pouring over the Lake Clementine dam, but trees and brush obscured the sight.

Turning around, I stepped carefully, again, over the wet parts of this trail, and passed a small number of users, whilst headed back for the cars. High clouds came over, so the light was now muted. I shot a few more photos, and called it a day, or afternoon. Back to my car after about two hours round trip, I motored off, back up, out of the river canyon to Auburn.

I took a side trip to the Auburn Placer County Library to get the newspapers, and read a few magazines. This absorbed an hour of time, and then I opted to motor straight home.

The flower display seems to be good and early, all about California, and one need not go all the way out to the desert to enjoy them. I'm hoping for a long wildflower season, with plenty of photos, for me, to snap.

I hiked some 3 miles with 400' gain, round trip. I shot over 125 images and movie clips. Getting gas (2.229) on the way up occupied a lot of my time. Other than the $5 I spent for that, I parted with no more of my cash.

Wearing a vest and polyester T with jeans, I was fine without all that I carry in a heavy pack. This is a nice local hike to do, seeing the rushing North Fork of the American River, replete with orange poppies. I also saw some Sierra irises, and brodiaea, with tiny other flowers. Not in the mood to do a longer loop, I will save that for another day.