ELDORADO TRAIL 3X November 28, 2004

A bit tired of my continued, conditioning walks on and about the American River Parkway, with almost 50 miles over 5 walks, since my last out-of-town hike activity, I deemed not to waste the good weather this fine day. A change of scene was thus nice. I had walked plenty, this month, about town as well, saving some wear on my car, and getting more exercise.

Motoring east on U.S. 50, I came to Placerville, CA, and took Mosquito Road north to the free parking at the bus depot. The restroom facility was unlocked, so I was able to use it.

Starting my walk at 12:13 p.m., I noted the leaves for many fall colors were gone. Other hikers were using this paved bike trail. I began snapping photos, also to record the absence of fall colors. Coming to a signboard, I found that the trail now continues on, unpaved, past the pedestrian bridge over the freeway. It goes another 3.4 miles, to a point about Camino, CA.

Excited about a new section of trail to hike, I resolved to do the extra miles on this sunny day. As I came to the unpaved portion, I found that it was muddy. My current set of boots I use for lots of in-town walking, so I decided to keep them clean. Turning about and walking back, I looked for a good photo to use for this post. I found a good several leaves of red dogwood, and took a few photos.

The colors today were nothing like they were, at peak, last year. It is remarkable how it can change from season to season. Coming back to the car parking space, I had spent some two hours walking, good for my daily exercise.

Back on the freeway, I noticed many cars shedding snow, presumably returning from the high country. Other cars carried Christmas trees on their rooves. I had chosen to stay away from Interstate 80, as this is considered the worse traffic, travel day, of the year. The traffic on U.S. 50 was moving fast, and I had another roast turkey dinner to celebrate the holiday.

I hiked the 6.4 miles by the signboard, with a few hundred feet of gain. Shooting almost 50 images, I spent about $13 total for the restaurant meal. It stayed pretty chilly, as I wore four top layers all day. Some walkers were using only sweatshirts for their exercise, but I didn't envy them. My sight of the distant peaks of the Crystal Range was clear and beautiful. They have lots of snow!