LAKE NATOMA LOOP 20X January 13, 2008

Occupied for much of the last month with my new high speed connection, then the wind and rain about California, I missed a lot of hiking ops. The transfer of my website took some slight time, then more time adding stuff back to it. I hope to have all my past trips online, as I have now an immense amount of webspace to play with.

Plain getting too fat, I chose this day to have a nice breakfast to get me going. I surely would have hiked a peak or two, but for the emissions concerns. If we all are to save the planet, we all have to conserve.

I gathered some quarters for the light rail, and caught the train to arrive at Folsom by 12:24 p.m. Leaving most of the fog and clouds behind, I hoped I wouldn't do too poorly. Not in a great mood to do this, I left it open to do as I pleased.

Sutter Street still had most of the holiday decor up. Not as easy to delete as a photo on my website! A few visitors strolled about, and I had a shoot with the partly cloudy skies and sun. Declining food or drink, I set out over the Old Truss Bridge, to get to the bike trail.

People were working out, by their sparse clothing, and I looked for a restroom. Only the flush facility at the State Park was open and working. I shortly noted the storm damage by the bluffs. Some rocks had fallen, with a downed tree, all nicely cut up and shoved away. Litter was scattered under one of the bluffs, and then I saw thrown-away cans and bottles at the small bump.

The snowy Sierra was hazily visible, and the sight of the homes all the way to the foothills makes me sigh. Back many decades ago, I took my bicycle and rode out to Placerville, one summer day. All undeveloped land, then, with almost no car traffic. Now there's tens of thousands of new residents, with cars motoring everywhere.

My hike time was slower. I shot some movies of the geese walking out of the lake, and then passed the dam. Thirsty, I looked for some drink ops, and took the faucet water past the Aquatic Center. I figured on some soup once back to Folsom, but that didn't work out.

The green grassy slopes made for nice scenes. I tried for a few panorama shots. Some kayakers made for a subject with the volcanic looking bump behind them.

Wishing I had brought along some cans of soda, I soon noted my progress against particular features, and knew I'd be back well before dark.

As it turned out, I was back to the light rail station right as a train pulled in. My round trip hiking time had been about 4.5 hours, now. I used to do this in an hour less! Getting my ride, even still thirsty, I figured on drink once I got home. My favorite soup at a restaurant would have been about 6 dollars, plus tip.

Magic hour wasn't very good, and I refrained from capturing the sunset. I recalled the fun that I had returning home in the night from a long hike to Fair Oaks. Seems I may never do that again.

I did my 11 miles, and shot 110 images total for the day. I wore three top layers, and bottoms under my pants. Light hiking boots did fine. Still a good number of users, today. There were only a few wet spots and puddles, easy to step around. The trail dirt was all slightly damp, but not as bad as the recent storms might indicate. My boots stayed pretty clean. No caked-up mud to tromp off, anywhere. I saw no ticks, but perhaps a few bugs flew about. No bites, though.

With only some 200 miles driven since a month and a half ago, I will need to start driving my car. No takers, to carpool for most anything. Guess I'll have to plan out short trips somewhere.