TUCKI MOUNTAIN (6,726') 2X AND CANYON POINT (5,890') February 15-16, 1997

Being able to carpool down U.S. 395, then CA 190, two of us from Northern CA reached Stovepipe Wells, in Death Valley National Park, to enjoy camping with hundreds of other economy minded people. It is fun to meet other DPS early arrivals and socialize prior to the climbs.

Our group motored up in the morning to look for the dirt road, along the Wildrose Road, that leads to our first peak, Tucki Mountain. It goes up the Emigrant Wash about six or so miles, then ends on top of a small hill.

Beginning the hike, we had a much shorter effort than my first climb back in 1987, whereby my hiking stats were almost double. This is in thanks to the DPS route-finding, and the sturdy trucks that carry us on so many of these climbs.

Coming to the summit after about one hour and 30 minutes, we noted the views, which, coming from the top of a small plateau, didn't extend below very far, as with more sharper summits.

I had a better view to the east as we returned to the cars. We stopped at Martin Cabin, which is equipped by the Park Service with food and water, presumably for an emergency.

We camped at Stovepipe Wells again, and had another modest potluck. I needed badly to reduce my weight, so partook of little food goodies.

For Canyon Point, a ten mile or so 4WD route leads to our hike start. Cottonwood Canyon is very scenic, with many parties camped within. I shot many pictures through the windshield, thinking it would be a long time before I ever got to do this again.

We came to the end of the road, then began our hike. We split into two groups for awhile, then regrouped in the wash that was our route. Together again, we hiked up to a ridge, then along it, right, to the summit. The view of Hunter Mountain to the west, over a thousand feet above us, was one that most hikers don't ever see.

Having our summit lunch in fine conditions, I took more pictures, then we had to go back. Sandy terrain allowed for a fast run down the peak's southern slopes. Some of us had a very long drive home, with one carload from San Francisco. Back to the vehicles, we took our passengers back to their cars, and began our drive home by about 5:00 p.m.

Checking a restaurant television news report, the weather didn't seem too bad up north. So, we drove that way on U.S. 395 to encounter light snow going over a Sierra pass. Coming late at night to our carpool meeting point, we then both went home.