STEWART POINT (5,264') AND EAGLE MOUNTAIN #2 (3,806') December 7-8, 1996

The list completions were coming one after another. People were trying to finish before the California Desert Protection Act mandated road closures, some of which were our approach roads. Carrying heavy loads of water and longer hikes over plain desert would result from our preservation efforts.

The DPS list is short enough that plans can be made for list completion to happen as a scheduled activity. This allows for everyone interested to celebrate the accomplishment, and have a reunion with other participants and past list finishers.

I was able to carpool again in a 4WD vehicle, although one wasn't needed for these climbs. We met in Shoshone, CA, again, and motored northeast to a point along the Charlie Brown Highway, CA 178, to park off the shoulder.

Our start for Stewart Point, my 2X, was at about 8 a.m. I tried to help on the navigation. I knew the dead-end wash, so advised accordingly. That saved a few minutes. Our large group summited at about 10:30 a.m. We had plenty of daylight, so stayed up here till 11:35 a.m. One person had been slow.

There are far reaching views from the summit, with peaks in all directions. We enjoyed a nice descent.

Back at the cars by 2 p.m., we had other things to do, such as perhaps visiting Tecopa Hot Springs. There are bathing facilities provided by Inyo County. Last I saw, the gender-separated baths are supposedly and strictly signed with no bathing suits allowed.

Some of us had food at the Red Buggy Cafe in Shoshone, CA. Soup went real well with me. With no peaks to climb, time passed very idly.

We motored back to a large, dry mud flat in a small canyon near Shoshone. This is an excellent car camp site, protected from wind, and proved pleasant for our party. I hiked about, getting a good view of the cars and the camp tables.

The next day's climb of Eagle Mountain would do it for the leader. I figured that I might be the only climber with a 4X on this peak. I love the thought of having this distinction, but, I was not the only one to do this.

We began hiking at 8:40 a.m. This peak doesn't take too long. We took the broad gully, then the use trail to the summit crag, and topped out at 10:20 a.m. We enjoyed our summit and celebrations in perfect weather. The others snapped the photos for a change, and we partook of drink, and bubbly, for the others.

The downclimb went well. Back to the cars by 12:51 p.m., we had plenty of time to make it home.