MT. HILGARD (13,361'), MT. GABB (13,711'), RECESS PEAK (12,813') August 28-31, 1981

Another climbing op with the Sierra Peaks Section came up, and I signed up. Meeting the SPS group at a trailhead approached only by rough road, we hiked much of this road. There is then a trail that follows Bear Creek, out of the nearby diversion dam, in the Central High Sierra.

Backpacking at a good pace, we then came to a good upper base camp for our climbs the next day.

With an early start, we hiked up a steep cliff area to reach the higher area that leads to our first peak, Mt. Hilgard. The group was a bit aloof, and I had to worry about being left behind. Soon, though, we reached the summit, and I enjoyed the typical High Sierra views.

We shortly climbed down the slopes to the northeast, bound for our second peak, Mt. Gabb. The leader allowed for rest, and I snapped a few photos as we waited. The slopes were loose, with a massive chockstone in one part of the area. Climbing up to the top of Mt. Gabb, we rested more, and I photographed the views, then the ancient register.

Hiking back down the slopes to Lake Italy, we intersected a trail, and shortly hiked back to camp in the dusk. I had a nice sleep, then we had to move camp. Backpacking to another camp along the John Muir Trail, we then climbed Recess Peak. It involved hiking up a canyon side, but I was sparing on photos. Reaching the top, I began to click my shutter. Nice views as with all these peaks.

Then, we descended back to camp, and our last day, made an early start to get back to the cars. There by about noon, we parted ways and I motored home in this, one of my banner years, in the High Sierra.