HALF DOME (8,842') July, 1970

Movie clip. Quick Time plug-in or iOS required. From Kodachrome Super 8 movies, low quality, dusty and scratched, but viewable. Taken July, 1970, by Petesthousandpeaks. All in 640 x 480 pixels.

Half Dome 84.2 MB (4:36)

On this summer trip in July of 1970, I had secured a family car, and drove on my first little solo peak adventure to Yosemite National Park. We had attempted Half Dome when I was 15, to be tired, and then running into bad weather. I was determined to climb it this time, so had my backpack, and was going to camp high.

Starting at Happy Isles, I backpacked up the John Muir Trail, and ran into other campers up at Little Yosemite Valley. Vernal and Nevada Falls had made a sight. Continuing on, I reached a high camp area below the steep part. The next morning, I filmed the sunrise, and then climbed the cables to the top.

Another hiker was up here, and we chatted a bit. He was good enough to film me, with my own camera, of myself sitting on the edge. A British flag was left by some rock climbers. We were the only ones up on top, a far cry from the usual crowds of hikers, years later.

I hiked back down the cables to film some other climbers going up. Then, it was back to the top of Nevada Falls, where people were enjoying. A couple swam in the pool above the falls, though with the low flow, it didn't seem too dangerous.

I hiked back to my car and drove home. This was another confidence booster to get me to try Mt. Whitney, the next month. I was having my summer fun, and though it would have been nice to have all the digital recording gear that I do now, I had to make do with the affordable technology of the time.