SMITH PEAK (7,835’), LIBERTY CAP (7,076’) April 22-23, 1992

My buddy Smith thought that it might be interesting to climb his namesake peak. We left town to drive on CA 120 to the Hetch Hetchy Road, and then to the Smith Meadows trailhead. We took photos, and hiked up the trail to the top. I found a pair of sunglasses, and then we ran into some work crew or something.

The views were nice, although from the summit, you cannot see much of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. We had a nice rest, and I recall leaving a register. I took more photos on our hike back down. In 2013, this area was to burn in the Rim Fire, one of California’s worst conflagrations. I expect to be saddened if ever I should see this once beautiful location again.

Returning to my car, we motored the next day to the Valley, and hiked up the John Muir Trail. Past Nevada Falls, there is a faint use trail that ascends up to the top of Liberty Cap. There is some class 2 near the top, but we are used to this. Intending to also climb Mt. Broderick, I looked for the route. The guidebook says, “class 3,” but I saw nothing that I would try without a rope.

Turning back from this third peak, we hiked back to the car, and finished this pleasant spring trip to Yosemite. Two days out of town, with the usual economy, camping and dining cheaply.