SAWTOOTH RIDGE SKI AND CRATER CREST (11,394') 2X April 27-28, 1985

Another good spring skiing weekend was sought on our trip down to about Bridgeport, CA. The usual skiers game for High Sierra adventure rode with me south on U.S. 395, once again. We had a view driving into Twin Lakes, snapped enroute.

Our goal for the first day was the Dragtooth Glacier. We climbed high with our skis on firm snow, then enjoyed the skiing and sights. Pretty bored, we skied back to our cars, and then to the usual routine of dining and camping.

We wished to do another ascent of Crater Crest for lack of any other goal this weekend. We hiked up the dry slopes at the base of the hill, then quickly ascended to the top. I shuttered my usual view photos, then it was another gradual ski back down.

So it was for another High Sierra spring ski weekend, to never be repeated again. I sought to do Crater Crest again for some digital photos, but never got the op. Some effort to start heli-skiing was initiated in the 1980's, but we resisted, by some Club entreaties. Noise, and pollution. The helicopter crashed, and the business failed. The area is now included in wilderness, so is protected forever, or at least until the public will reverses this.

I tried one year to ski it solo, but had to turn back due to hazards. Having loose plans to ski it or climb it 3X for its fabulous vistas, it now seems that my Kodachrome photos will have to do, for me.