SAWTOOTH SKI AND CRATER CREST (11,394') May 14-15, 1983

With another scheduled ski tour, a few of us left for Bridgeport, CA, and to do some spring skiing for this weekend. We usually have a nice breakfast at a restaurant, and also carpool, saving wear and tear on our vehicles, and our precious natural resources.

Starting from Twin Lakes, we carry our skis up the trail and then don them on reaching snowline. It was a good pull up toward the glaciers on the north side of Sawtooth Ridge, but easy for us. Enjoying nice views at our skiing highpoint, we skied the slopes as we would, some making as many runs as pleased. Being all regular adventurers, we allowed ourselves freedom to go and do as we wished. It was time to ski down, and making the usual S's, we came back to our cars.

It is convenient to have dinner in town, then camp, and so we all got a good night's rest.

The second day of the weekend, it was the choice to do this fine ski peak, Crater Crest. Beginning near Twin Lakes, again, we ascended up the northern slopes, crossing the creek, and then a gentle slog up the easy slopes to the top. There is a fine view of the Sawtooth Ridge, and I had plenty of time to capture it. I had wished to do the view again with my new digital camera, but it seems that I have lost the chance, with no companions or op.

We had a nice ski back down, and returned to our cars, with another safe and successful ski tour and a pleasant drive home.