RED PEAK (9,307’) 3X, SILVER PEAK (8,930’) 3X, McCONNELL PEAK (9,099’) 3X August 1, 1992

Having a game partner, we would do these peaks in a day, with a register check, and some photos to be taken. Driving to the vicinity of Van Vleck Ranch, we parked the car, and started our hike. I knew the way, so there was no delay. We came to the Red Peak trail for a photo, and hiked quickly to Lake No. 3. With a scramble to the top of Red Peak, I began capturing the views. Not wishing to be too redundant, I refrained from too many photos. I had pictures from my previous ascents.

There was the downclimb on the way to the second peak, Silver. Along the way, I pointed out a lake that was not on the map. Topping Silver Peak, it was a nice day. Then, we passed by the bump that I call McConnell Spur, the highest peak, though it didn’t have an official name. Resting on top of McConnell Peak, we enjoyed the views, and some good hiking times getting here. No worry about getting back before dark, we descended the slabs on the north side, did the class 3 scramble to traverse the ridge, and negotiated the short stretch of brush, just fine.

To the old Tells Peak trail, we easily made it back to the car and trailhead, for another fine day in the northern Crystal Range.