MT. GRANT (11,239’) 2X November 6, 1993

My buddy Rick decided that he wished to drive up Mt. Grant, the highest peak in Mineral County, Nevada. He had phoned the military base in Hawthorne, NV, and all we had to do was to show up and get our permit, with the keys to the gate.

We had spent the night somewhere, and motored south on U.S. 95 to go to the base. We filled out some forms, and got the keys to open the gate over the road up the west side. This would be an easy ascent!

Finding the right road, we had some nice sights of cottonwoods as we motored up in Rick’s truck. I had hiked this peak back in May, 1979, with another hiker from the Peak and Gorge, starting from near the bottom, by Walker Lake. That made for a 6,400+ foot gain climb, which we had hiked fast. In those days, no one particularly cared if you wandered onto these military lands, and no one bothered us.

We drove then to the summit, with only a short scramble needed to gain the true top. A couple others were up there, as I recall. I shot the views, with much of that part of Nevada visible from the top. We saw other mountains from the Sierra to Arc Dome. It was a bit chilly, being in November, and we left after enjoying the views, hiking back to the truck.

It was an eventless drive back down, re-locking the gate, and returning the keys back to the military base. It was a shame that so many hikers were prevented from doing this by the 9/11 security closures, but I hear now that they may be returning to allowing people to go to the top. A running event is scheduled to commemorate the day that we were attacked, September 11, 2001. Proceeds go to the Veterans Park in Hawthorne. Being a sticking point for many Nevada County highpointers, finally, access is being allowed. The war on terror is said to be coming, in part, to a close, with victory at hand. Back to a bright future for peak baggers!