KUMIVA PEAK (8,237’) June 1, 1997

Signing up for this Reno Sierra Club trip, this was the best peak lead that they ever did for me. I drove out to Reno, NV, and visited the Wilbur D. May Arboretum to enjoy the blooms, the day before. Meeting the group in the morning, the leader gave me a ride in his vehicle, and we drove out to Pyramid Lake, where we took NV 447 north. I took some photos of the peak goal, as we motored in, and we drove up a dirt road to park the cars.

The leader had done his scouting, and took the group up a use trail through the brush. This expedited our hike greatly! I was able to capture many images of the sights on the way. We had some flora and natural history to appreciate.

It didn’t take very long before we reached the summit. I had plenty of time to capture the view. I used my telephoto lens for some distant ranges, and we relaxed on our success. The register gave us some reading entertainment.

Finally we had to return, and our hike back gave us more sights. We got back to the cars, and stopped on our way home along NV 447 to explore some tufa towers. There are some petroglyphs about here but we couldn’t find them. I went back to look for them, years later, but still wasn’t able to locate them.

Not remembering if the driver accepted some gas money, that usually is never enough for what they do. I motored on home on the Interstate, and dwelled pleasantly on another fine Club hike.