TELESCOPE PEAK (11,049') AND MORE November 24-27, 1977

With a new camera and two guys to ride, I drove south on this Thanksgiving weekend. We carpooled along U.S. 395, and came to Mahogany Flats to camp. I drove up the rough road with my subcompact car, though I had to allow the riders to walk along the car, as I needed some clearance.

We easily hiked Telescope Peak, and met a few others on top. It was temperate weather, with hikers in shorts and T shirts. Seeing a few wild burros, we hiked back, camped somewhere, and then I drove us into Death Valley.

We saw the sights, this being my first time. Stopping at Devils Golf Course, we hiked Golden Canyon, saw Artists Palette, and then went to Badwater. My riders were rather unappreciative, saying they preferred to climb, although they had no plans or directions for that. With a nice sunset, we camped at Furnace Creek, with a thousand RVs, and I went into the bar.

Then we went east, and into Rhyolite for my photography. Passing through Beatty, NV, we saw more sights back in Death Valley and then started home.

We camped high in the White Mountains, me having a ten cent, cooked dinner of ramen noodles. I thought that this was great! Later, I was to climb the desert peaks, with company and directions, but this was a nice first time drive and camping trip, me with my 38 mpg car and a spirit of adventure.