STAR PEAK (9,834') December 30, 1973

A sort of led trip by the local Sierra Club, I signed up and drove for this exploratory holiday week trip. The weather was initially bad, but we managed to do some skiing, some then by Mt. Rose. Staying in Truckee, we then figured to drive east into the heart of Nevada for better weather. The Sierra was due to be hit with snow, but it was to be nicer in the desert.

I took the leader along Interstate 80, and we saw the peak we had in mind. Star Peak is prominent from east of Lovelock, NV. We decided to drive into Winnemucca, NV, and we watched a movie. Camping then at a highway rest area, we had winter gear and stayed warm enough. This was a little adventure for me and the kids we had along.

Driving to Unionville, an old ghost town of sorts, we started after a short drive up a side dirt road to hike the peak. The leader chose a poor way, having to drop down a few times as we traversed toward the peak base. I felt he was wasting energy, so I signed off and went for the top.

Having my little camera, I managed to capture some winter sights. I hiked in the snow to an arch or window, and spotted a coyote in the distance. It was some postholing for sure, but I quickly climbed upward and soon the snow pack was firmer. The top lay to the north as I gained the ridge, and I then knew that I had it made.

After some 5,000 feet of gain, I made it to the top. I had my ski pole to mark the ascent, and it was glorious! Solo in winter! I captured the view, as I was low on film, and then started back down.

The days were short, so I had to hurry. I took a shortcut straight down, and then plunged down through the snow. The sun was beginning to set, but I then had the bottom in sight. I came back to the group who had built a fire, and we had some discussion. They could have followed me up, but chose not to.

Leaving them to their ways, I left to drive back home. I camped at another highway rest area, and in the morning, my car refused to start. I managed to get it going, and shortly came home, successful and safe from a nice snow climb and a highly worthy peak.