MT. McLOUGHLIN (9,495'), MT. SCOTT (8,938') July 22-25, 1983

With another peak buddy, we set out north up Interstate 5 to bag some Oregon peaks. I knew Mt. McLoughlin had a trail to the top, so would be an easy climb. Staying somewhere the night before, we drove to the PCT trailhead and hiked to the trail to the top. Our hike up was nice, but graffiti desecrated the rocks. I picked up some hikers trash to leave this a better place, but as with many clean-up efforts, may prove futile due to other persons intent on having their good time.

The sights of the snow were nice, and we soon came to the summit. I snapped more photos, and then we started back down.

Camping somewhere again, we motored to Crater Lake National Park. I enjoyed the sights, and then we navigated to the road closure that does lead to the trailhead for Mt. Scott. My partner was too disinterested, so I soloed the peak. You get a view of the lake from the top. Having a nice glissade down the snow, I was soon back to the car. We toured some more of the park, with more photos, and then headed north to our next peak, Mt. Thielsen.

Camping at Diamond Lake, we started in the morning, but rain soon set upon us. Climbing the peak would result in no pictures of the view, and the class 3-4 scramble might be too much for my partner, anyway. We came back over the highway to my car, and soon motored off.

I drove west along the Rogue River Highway, OR 62, and I stopped for many photos of the river and various falls. We came to Interstate 5, and figured to go home. So went another peak jaunt, nice to not have to spend too much money, but with only a couple peaks to have in the bag.