IRON MOUNTAIN (11,149') September 24-25, 1983

With little else to do on this fine fall weekend, I had signed up for this SPS climb and backpack. Driving south on U.S. 395, I saw a nice sunset and did some night photography with a time exposure of Mono Lake and clouds.

Meeting the group, I began to snap some photos of the sights, and we backpacked to Ashley Lake, where we dumped our packs. Ascending the glacier to the ridge, we shortly gained the summit replete with views of the Minarets to the north.

Returning back to camp, I viewed a nice sunset and other sights, recalling a nice campfire and the company of other climbers.

All we then had to do was to backpack out, which went fine. Later, I was to day climb this peak with another game hiker on a lead of mine down the Eastern Sierra, and we were to climb another peak on our way home, as the distances to go aren't that far.