QUAIL MOUNTAIN (5,800+'), QUEEN MOUNTAIN (5,680+'), BERNARD PEAK (5,430'), LITLE BERDOO PEAK (5,440+'), INSPIRATION POINT (5,560+'), LOST HORSE MOUNTAIN (5,313'), RYAN MOUNTAIN (5,457'), WARREN POINT (5,103') February 8-10, 1992

A generous hiking couple offered a place to stay on this HPS clean-out of the peaks in Joshua Tree National Monument. Two of us came from the north to join the group, and we slept in the spare room offered by these people, so nicely. The weather in the Los Angeles Basin was poor, but out here in the desert, it was good for hiking.

Meeting the group for Quail Mountain, the highest peak in the park, we started out from a parking area to pass a mine, then to ascend the east slopes of the peak. I captured the view, then we took a different way back. Good navigation due to the experience of the leaders, all by the local Sierra Club. We then motored to the roadhead for Queen Mountain and started the second hike for the day. Clouds hung in the sky, and then we had dramatic light for our descent.

It was back to the home for a nice dinner and sleep. Our second day, the weather wasn't so good. We carpooled into high clearance vehicles to hike two peaks, Bernard and Little Berdoo. We had no views from Inspiration Point due to mist. These all were short easy hikes, typical HPS peaks. Motoring on, we had a medium hike to the top of Lost Horse Mountain, and then returned to our lodging, so kindly provided.

Our last day, we hiked the trail to the top of Ryan Mountain, which I had already bagged, but am always game for multiple ascents, then hiked Warren Point, a prime hike for the classic navigation noodle exercise. Finished early in the day, we drove on home, with downpours traveling back through San Bernardino, said to be some of the worse weather to ever hit the L.A. Basin.