MIDDLE SISTER (10,859') AND EAST SISTER (10,402') April 1-2, 1978

This was another Peak and Gorge trip, led by the youthful leader that I had come to know. We'd do some peaks and explore in the Sweetwater Mountains on the California Nevada border.

Driving down Friday night, we had some dinner in Gardnerville, and camped out somewhere. Three of us were in one pick-up truck. Saturday morning, we motored south on Desert Creek Road and had a time driving over mud, then across a creek. We picked a spot to park and then backpacked up a dirt road to a destination in the aspens and pinyons. We came to an old cabin, and used it as our camp.

The next morning, we started our climb of the two peaks here, Middle Sister and East Sister. The leader took us over a shallow ridge, then to a sight of both peaks. It was cold with snow and wind, making for an off-season ascent. All of us had good gear, being expedition or winter climbers, and we topped Middle Sister first. I had my new Nikon camera, and made use of it to capture the view.

It was a short way over to bag East Sister, where ladybugs were wintering on the summit rocks. The others sat in the sun out of the wind, and I was having a good time. We plunge-stepped down back the snow, and to our backpacks, and then out to the pick-up. Exploring the roads, we ran into a stuck camper, and gave them a hand. It was then back north on U.S. 395, and home.

Later, I used this as a Club slide show, and hikers were awed. The crystal clear air and distant views induced perhaps many local hikers to come and visit this area.