NORTH YOLLA BOLLY (7,863'), BLACK ROCK PEAK (7,755'), SOUTH YOLLA BOLLY (8,092') June 11-12, 1988

A group of us carpooled from town to climb these classic NAS listed peaks in the Yolla Bolly Mountains. I had done these all previously, so knew the way. We left town Friday night, and had a nice sunset from along Interstate 5. Camping somewhere, we motored the rest of the way to the trailhead.

There was some snow. The climb on trail went up to our first peak, North Yolla Bolly. We had some nice views, and I took pictures. The group posed for a summit shot. There was a register. Then, we hiked on an easy traverse to the second peak, Black Rock Peak.

There is a lookout structure on top, and I took more pictures. We returned to our ascent trail, and then back down to the vehicles. On our return, we saw what we believed to be fresh cat tracks, thinking we had been shadowed. It is a long drive over to the trailhead for the third peak, South Yolla Bolly. We camped somewhere along the way.

South Yolla Bolly is a short climb, only about a mile horizontal. We made quick work of this hike, and I took more pictures. We quickly came back to the trailhead, Ides Cove.

Thusly, we finished the peaks in this part of the state, for me, 2X, and somehow, I was to do one of these peaks again, 3x. It is about a 25 mile dirt road drive each way to the trailhead for South Yolla Bolly, but I was to carpool with a County Highpointer, intent on his goals.

It is nice to have this wilderness area in the Northern Coast Range, with magnificent forests and good views. It seems lightly visited, and you can be assured of a great hike with such easy peaks to top.