VOLCANIC RIDGE (11,501') August 5, 1989

Motoring down for the weekend, we hiked from Agnew Meadow to hike Volcanic Ridge. Passing by Shadow Lake, we hiked up the trail to leave it at a point. This peak has some fine views of the Minarets.

Descending the same way, we hiked back to the car, and probably had a fine dinner in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

At the time, I wished to have better pictures of the Minarets. An associate was working on his guidebook, and I wished some credit and use for my pictures. I did all this for free, not running any sort of a business, while other climbers demanded big money for their work. I suppose that I aggravated some, but my personal help for mountaineering is my pleasure, why I led Club trips, also for free or even at my own cost.

We had a pleasant drive back north, and my records show we climbed Elephants Back by Carson Pass the next day.