CRATER MOUNTAIN (7,212'), CINDER CONE (6,907'), LASSEN PEAK (10,457') August 15-16, 1998

Carpooling with an old hiking companion, we took Interstate 80 to Reno, NV, where we enjoyed a nice sunset. I motored on up U.S. 395 to about Susanville, where we took the Highway 36 west toward Lassen National Park. We had a nice car camp along the highway somewhere.

In the morning, I wished to check out a Crater Lake, with a corresponding peak, along this highway. A dirt road leads to the lake, and we then hiked the peak. I left a register. Not taking too much time on this, we motored to Butte Lake in the national park. Hiking the scenic Cinder Cone, I captured the colorful views of the Fantastic Lava Beds and other sights from atop this actual cinder cone.

We took a short side trip to Burney Falls, to show my companion, who seemed to enjoy it. We camped nearby.

The next day, we hiked Lassen Peak by the trail. There were the usual views. This made for a fun filled short weekend in the California Cascades, seeing the main sights, and assisting with some personal discovery for my friend, then.

Motoring back home was quick, and this made for a nice two day weekend for me and my friend.

Somewhere in this trip was a soda machine with a picture of Yosemite. I do like snapping pictures of interesting subjects, and odd items are one of them.