MT. REINSTEIN (12,604'), FINGER PEAK (12,404') August 30 to September 2, 1990

Getting started before the holiday crowds surged up to the mountains, we began our peak backpack from a trailhead, next to Wishon Reservoir, on the western Sierra slopes. Hiking through Woodchuck Country, we made good but relaxing time through the vast forests and gradual slopes. Aiming for a distant lake, we had a camp somewhere before our goal, then hiked to our base camp by Portal Lake, the second day.

Early enough in the day, we set out to hike Mt. Reinstein. This was an easy class 2 scramble, and I topped out in a good time. The views are good, and I captured them nicely. The register was of interest, and I looked through the pages.

We had a nice descent, and then enjoyed a sunset, back to camp. The next day, the others had to climb what may be the most remote Sierra peak, Tunemah. They had to cross over three ridges to get there, and over the same ridges to get back. I wasn't bound for any list finish, so leisurely solo'ed Finger Peak.

Passing a high lake, I climbed to a notch, then around to the class 3 scramble to the top. I rested well, shuttering the view, happy with another safe solo. There was a register. I took the same way back, expecting the others back in camp that evening. They also bagged Finger on their return, and saw my sign-in, pleased that I also had a good day.

We began the pack out the next morning, and passed by Halfmoon Lake on our way out. Then, we joined the holiday crowds on our return to civilization, and on our drive home.