CASTLE PEAK (9,103') AND BASIN PEAK (9,016') July 16, 1988

Being a standard Sierra Club Singles hike, these are their most ambitious climbs. We began from the PCT trailhead along Interstate 80. Hiking to Castle Pass, we sauntered up to the north summit where most stayed. A few adventurous ones did the class 3 summit block, the true highpoint. Many will claim the peak, although incapable of doing any such climbing. I snapped some photos on our downclimb.

Then, we hiked on use trail over the Sierra Crest to Basin Peak. You get some scenic sights along the way. This is an easy summit, class 1. All made it to here.

The hike back entails intersecting the PCT, and passing the Grubb Hut. Hiking back over Castle Pass, it is then a mile or two to the cars.