BIG PINE CREEK HIKES May 25-27, 1990

Another trip for the Memorial Day weekend, we met along U.S. 395 after a nice drive south. Deciding not to do any peak due to the forecast, we made a hike up Big Pine Creek. The old Glacier Lodge made for a visit.

Stopping by the Eastern Sierra Museum in Independence, and also seeing the Mary Austin home, we hiked a bit about CA 168 by Westgard Pass to see the bloom. I liked the many wildflowers and cacti, taking load of close-ups. We hiked and camped back in Big Pine by the Baker Creek campground, with a sight of the rancheria.

Then it was another hike up Big Pine Creek, and we got some weather. Nice to be down here, but for no climbing. Great to have a carpool op, and some nice buddies to hike with.