NORTH MAGGIE MOUNTAIN (10,234'), MOSES MOUNTAIN (9,320+) October 21-22, 1995

This was another late season climb scheduled by the SPS. I drove up the side road to see many Sequoia groves enroute to the trailhead. Arriving to the trailhead at night, others were already there.

The large group backpacked up the trail in the morning, and we left packs to tackle the brushy climb of North Maggie Mountain. It was a way to reach the top, and I started snapping the summit views, hazy, but different for me. There was a register.

Hiking down a slightly different way, I liked the fall colors. We had our usual party back at camp, and I slept well in my tent.

The next morning, we hiked up the trail to leave it at a point, and to soon reach rocky terrain to scramble up steep ridges. I lagged behind a bit, taking photos, but came to the top soon after the rest of the group. I began shooting the vistas, and enjoyed the nice sunny weather. I had some doubt as to the true highpoint, as there was another bump to the south. The register was here, and the leaders were some of the most experienced.

I regard us as finding an easier route for our descent, some class 2. I'd re-rate this peak on this basis, but the group and leaders were non-committal. We got back to camp, packed out, and I had a nice drive back home, with another pleasant climb with two new peaks, for me. Mountain Home State Forest allowed for a few photos.