MITCHELL POINT (7,048'), EDGAR POINT (7,162'), MT. SAN GORGONIO (11,499') November 7-11, 1986

Securing the company of a young, up and coming peak bagger, we carpooled south on U.S. 99 to about Tehachapi Pass. I sought to bag Black Mountain #6, an HPS peak. It looked like private land, and so we failed. We passed by Red Rock Canyon State Park, a scenic spot. I chose to explore Randsburg, CA, an old ghost town. I motored over to Barstow, where we explored at Owl Canyon. We had a nice sunset on my drive back to Barstow.

Meeting, the next day, a DPS group at a spot in the Providence Mountains State Park, I managed to drive us to the mine where we began our hike to the top of Mitchell Point. The roads weren't so bad, then.

Taking a side canyon, we shortly gained the east ridge, and climbed along it to the top. I captured the views, and was to be back in another century. We hiked back down about the way that we had come, and had our car camp back at the state park. The leader had declared international themes for the potluck meals, and my partner had some black bean soup for a "South of the Border" theme. I had an ice chest filled with various brands of Mexican beer.

The next day, we climbed Edgar Point. The climb and views were good, and I took pictures. The register was interesting. We had a good, safe downclimb. Back to the cars, then finishing the cold Mexican beers, we all whizzed back to Barstow, CA, where we had an Italian dinner.

The two of us motored over to Big Bear Lake, camping for a cold night. We drove then to the old Poopout Hill trailhead to hike Mt. San Gorgonio. There was ice on the trail. I broke my camera trying to rewind film, and couldn't use it for the rest of the trip. Summiting, my companion had enough, and left me to solo Jepson and Charlton Peaks, two nearby HPS listed peaks.

He now demanded to be taken home, so, back to the car at 4 p.m., I began our drive back north. We came to the McConnell State Recreation Area campground along U.S. 99, for a sleep, as I didn't wish to drop him off at 2 a.m. in the morning.

We had breakfast, and I shortly dropped him back at his parents' home, to have him write a small check for gas. He had lost my car cigarette lighter while plugging in his tape deck, not even bothering to ask me about that!

This person was later to become the highest outings executive for the chapter, winning the supposed election, whereby you can win even if you get no votes at all! This is a volunteer position, with no pay and lots of work. It is a powerful position, whereby you can exclude leaders and punish enemies, if anyone has any bent to do anything for this sick group. Singles minded people will love it, the petty hate politics is well served by this office.