MT. IZAAK WALTON (12,099') July 19-20, 1997

Signing up for this SPS climb, I made a stop at Mono Hot Springs beforehand. Meeting the group at Lake Edison for a ride across this reservoir by the ferry, we backpacked up the trail to camp, where we had the time to climb the peak that day. Hanging food and leaving camp, we shortly headed cross country and started climbing the west slopes of the peak. It was nice talus with good views all of the way.

Reaching the top, I had my fun capturing the clear views. I like low light in the late afternoon. We descended back to camp, and I noted the swarms of mosquitoes. The others had mosquito netting, and I had repellant. Two of us had to constantly swat any of the pests that landed on us.

Up the next morning, all we had to do was to pack out this day. Sometimes it is nice to have the climb this way. I kept photographing the sights, and then we were back to the lake. I motored on home, with another safe and successful climb, typical for these trips.