GOAT MOUNTAIN (12,207') August 18-19, 1990

An informal few of us set out to climb Goat Mountain in the Western Sierra Nevada. Driving up Friday night, we took CA 180 to the Kings Canyon area to backpack up the Copper Creek Trail. This has a lot of gain. You start at about 5,100 feet elevation. It was pleasant enough, with cool breezes and magnificent sights.

Coming to our base camp, Granite Lake (10,456'), we had sights of the alpenglow on the peaks, and a nice night.

Waking up at a decent hour, we started the climb. We hiked over easy terrain to the peak, and enjoyed the rarely seen views of the surrounding mountains. There was a register. Staying up there only a bit, we hiked back to camp, and with no other peaks to do nearby, we backpacked out the way we had come.

The views were nice again, and soon we were back at our cars. Another SPS listed peak was checked off, with a refreshing drive back to town.