BLACK MOUNTAIN (13,291') June 11-12, 1994

With this SPS scheduled climb, I motored south on U.S. 395 to meet the group at the Oak Creek Trailhead Saturday morning. We carried our packs up the trail, crossing a creek, and then trudging to a base camp above about 10,000 feet.

I liked the views and fading sunlight as the sun set over the Sierra Crest.

It was another 3,000 feet of trailless class 2 climbing to the top of the peak. The leader picked a point to leave the trail, and we started up the rock rubble. Climbing up steadily, we soon started to gain views and ran into some snow. We had ice axes and may have used crampons.

Topping out on the summit, I started snapping the camera shutter to capture the views. It was gloriously clear, and I liked the sights.

Soon, we had to leave the top. I kept taking photos on our descent. Having plenty of time, two in the group chose to sign off and climb Diamond Peak, across the way. I feared for being left behind, in a fast group, so went with the group back to camp, and packed up to get back to the cars.

It was about 5 p.m., when we got back to the trailhead. I was to return in 1997 and bag Diamond Peak on another SPS trip. Some trips, as this one, will plan to bag both in a two day weekend. With a view of Mt. Williamson on my drive out, I had my long drive home, and enjoyed another safe and successful climb in the High Sierra.