Twin Peaks, July 25, 2022

TWIN PEAKS July 25, 2022

Up earlier than usual, I motored to the fast food for breakfast. I had a new register container to place. With heat on my limbs, I had become sunburned from the previous day's hiking. My mission prompted me to bag Twin Peaks before the hot day, and I replaced the pickle jar with a bigger plastic box. Nobody goes very far hiking here, and I motored to another fast food for drink.

I determined to stop by the mall, where I noted some accomodations for oversized people, with ads to suit the new normal for overconsumers nowadays. These obese or even morbidly obese persons aren't physically capable of climbing a couple sets of stairs, let alone a peak hike. All of them must shun exercise, and so lessens the base for peak baggers. I now usually feel lousy, but people with 100s of extra pounds to carry about all of the time must feel even worse. My HOA deemed my security cam 2 x 4 atop my roof as "unsightly," but I despise the sight of the heavily overweight, and me being the cameraperson, favor fit and healthier models. I looked about the food court and found an affordable slice of pizza, and devoured it slowly. I used the restroom twice, seeking to be hydrated, and left without shopping further.

My former top boss called me so derisively as "Slim," and I show off my trim legs and then torso with shorts and T shirt, but I'm in the tiny minority. Hired for work, I see maybe 500 pound people to do as they do, slowly and even hatefully performing their sitting jobs.

Home, it was to rest, and I didn't go out for anymore food today. My current hiking doesn't seem to boost my mood and I figure now with the hot days and smoke, to stay indoors and just seek to get a good deal dining. It's a boring life, but I signed up for a therapist, hopefully to chat in the next couple days. Doing away with myself comes back to mind, but I do have some hope of a recovery.

The smoke may clear, I may find a friend, and daily exercise may bring me back to good health. I delayed my website work for this day, waiting to watch some TV and drinking a lot of water and drinks. Nobody ever comes to me by my website, though in the long deep past, I did get a couple comments by e-mail.

It runs me a couple hundred dollars a year to have my site hosted professionally, though by most browsers, my site is declared, "not secure." I attempted to resolve this with the webhost, and they said they'd put this on a ticket, then it seems that I have to take this up with the software companies. The recommendation is to not enter your credit card number on whatever pages that I may create for the purposes of a business transaction, and since I am not any commercial site, this is fine with me. I suppose most people see the notice and exit the pages, as they do not go further into my site. I have thousands of pages, tens of thousands of photos, then hundreds of movies, looking all to go to waste.

I like it that I do have a web presence, but in this day of malware and even ransomware, I appreciate that most visitors will leave right away. I can look up my words and camerawork from wherever I am, to show people by my phone. Anybody with any solutions will get a cash reward from me, if I can stop deterring visits and promote my peak bagging sport of choice. Though I guess not one will ever see what I post, and nobody cares about money nowadays. Even family says they refuse to visit.

While I don't have anywhere close to a million dollars, my long now deceased peak bagging buddy refused any such sum, and no one wants any job income from me. I can hardly afford a caregiver, though a good one could cheer me up and improve my well-being.