Nevada City, CA March 21, 2021

NEVADA CITY March 21, 2021

With yesterdays webwork completed, I decided for another quick adventure. Zooming north on U. S. 395, I headed westbound on CA 70. Turning off to Loyalton, I continued along CA 49 to Sierraville. I used a portapotty for relief, then went over Yuba Pass. I stopped again in Sierra City, to use the restroom there. Then south on 49 through Downieville, and then North San Juan.

Stopping at the South Yuba River, I took photos and video. Then coming to Nevada City, this was my destination for today. Parking with a free spot as this was a Sunday, I toured the streets. I did some shopping, and bought some items. With more photos of the street, it was then to get food, with fries at an eatery. They gave me a bar code to scan and pay with, new to me. Going along Commercial Street, I also then got an ice cappuccino, and then took off for a peak bag.

Parking at the wrong spot, I took what I thought was a new trail. Brush was cut, then I saw no trespassing signs. Coming to the road that leads to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, I was now on the correct route. I bagged the peak with new benches, and captured what view. A man with his dog played a flute, and I then headed down.

Back to the road, I sauntered back to my car. It was safe and intact, as I fear for damage. Forgetting to plug in my dash cams, I headed eastbound on CA 20. Then seeing that my dash cams weren’t plugged in, I did so. Stopping at the vistapoint, I rested a bit.

Getting sleepy and tired, I had diet soda as I came to Interstate 80. The pass rest area was closed, so I detoured through Truckee. Not stopping except for a short break at the Floristan exit, I stopped at the three casino complex for a walk. Then it was to head on home, without checking for needy people.

So glad that I made it home safely, I went straight to bed. Then back up at about 10:30 p.m., to do some webwork.

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