Las Vegas Day Sixty One, January 10, 2021

JANUARY 2021 DESERT ROAD TRIP January 11-16, 2021

Leaving home to take Interstate 11 south, I decided to do this road trip with the remaining time that I am spending in Las Vegas.

January 11, 2021

I stopped at the Lake Mead scenic overlook, for quick photos and to use my pee bottle, which I did many times. With also another new scenic vista along U. S. 93, I captured even more view photos. With plenty of drink gotten along the way, I zoomed on east through Kingman, AZ, to Interstate 40. My destination for the day was Holbrook, AZ. Declining a side trip to the Grand Canyon, I stopped in Flagstaff for power.

Then it was to Meteor Crater, my first time. I had bought a ticket online, and there, took the short tour with the Navajo female guide. Taking the ride with the motion simulator, I sure enjoyed the attraction, with a depicted rescue of Earth by the elimination of an asteroid hazard. Buying a lot of souvenirs, I spent a lot of money on such things, on this trip, with plenty of lately gained assets by my investments.

To the motel, I made reservations with economy.

January 12, 2021

First making a stop at the Holbrook, AZ Supercharger, I visited Petrified Forest National Park in the morning, I first took the Giant Logs trail, then made a stop at Newspaper Rock. I made a stop at Pintado Viewpoint, then killed time at the gift shop cafeteria. Sadly, some moron kids without masks were allowed in, and I had to get out of their way, as I took a phone call.

Tired, I figured to head back to Vegas, not feeling so well. It was back to the motel in Holbrook, cheap and sufficient.

January 13, 2021

Up early, I felt better to think to resume my road trip. Getting sleepy with only a few hours sleep, I had to get a motel room for some $63+ in Gallup, NM. I had trouble with no physical ID, as my drivers license had been stolen, and the NV DMV said to hold off on my new license and address till I was moved into my new home. Getting some 5 hours winks, I took off for Albuquerque to get another motel room. I made a lot of stops along the way for caffeine, so I felt better and was alert and awake during the drive.

January 14, 2021

The main goal of this road trip was my bucket list visit to the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM. Up early, with a nice sunrise ahead, I charged up in Santa Rosa, NM, and set my battery for 300 mile range. Taking deserted highways, I sped up to 130 mph as there was no traffic. Fun to see how fast my car would go, with nobody about. The worst that could happen was that I would run off the road, with no cars about.

Getting to Roswell, I beelined for the museum, and paid the $3 senior ticket price, then asked about photos and camera work. They had no rules about this, with other people taking photos, so I photographed every last exhibit with my flash unit. I would read the material later as I viewed the high res photos. Getting a phone call, I toured the exhibits and read some of the display materials as I spoke.On later review, many of my photos, despite using a flash, came out blurred and unreadable. I did shoot hastily, and wasn't very careful. I now regret that I didn't read the displays more carefully. Most of it is already online, so no big loss.

Then to the gift shop, where I selected many items, with aliens depicted. I spent maybe $250 here , and the girl put my items into a shopping bag which I also purchased. Headed now for Ruidoso, NM, to get a destination charge, this would take some time, so I walked the main street, taking photos. This is a resort town with a ski resort nearby. I patronized some hiker stores and spoke at length with the help. Speaking to one sales help, I told her of my time with the Club, about my website, and hiking in general. Offering to pay for video chat later, I got information on Sierra Blanca, a peak in the area.

With purchases, I got back to my car, with now enough charge to get to Las Cruces, NM, where I would get more Supercharging, and a sandwich and shake at a nearby eatery. Then to Alamogordo, NM, where I sought more charge. The car dealer and other electric charging stations here were all closed after hours, so I had to go to El Paso, TX to get power. Reserving a motel room, they accepted my photo of my drivers license on my cell phone as ID.

My first time in Texas, I would spend only the time to charge, lodge, and eat, with shrimp as dinner. The eatery had an interested woman, to whom I offered a video chat job. I tipped her $15 for the talk, as she appeared interested. She later declined, and asked to have her number removed from my phone, which I did right away.

January 15, 2021

Headed now for home, I took the highways back north to get to White Sands National Park. Looking to bag the highest dune, it is unsigned and indistinct with changes by the wind, so I left this for perhaps another visit. I determined a dunes highpoint, but it was too far away. Thinking of my good fortune, with money and my new home, I was mildly upset by the person at the restaurant, as now I deleted the online conversation that we briefly had. I had some hope for a good friend, but this was not to be.

Supercharging back in Las Cruces, I had food nearby the charging station as the night before.

The motel for tonight was in Tucson, AZ. I had an issue with the staff, as they demanded a physical ID, not any photo. Then they requested cash, whereby I went to the ATM, and getting some, they then wanted a $100 deposit, so I had to go back to the ATM, a 5 mile drive. It was well past midnight, before I got my room. Tired enough from the driving, I was pretty upset by this motel franchise, where other such motels all took my photo of my ID.

January 16, 2021

Now, I had to get home. A long drive to Las Vegas, I left the motel at 5:30 a.m. With just some 5 hours rest, I had to get going. Zooming north on the Interstate, I charged up in Phoenix, AZ. Then to Wickenberg, AZ, for another Supercharge, where a moron family in the market without masks, potentially exposed me to the virus. The convenience payment at this grocery store also failed to work. I thought what a moron town, with stupid people.

Then to make stops along the way, with energy drink and diet soda, to keep me from falling asleep at the wheel. With drink at up to $4 a pop, I spent a lot of money on stops. I had to use a restroom, but at least they mostly took convenience payment. I stopped many times along the highway to use my pee bottle. With plenty of hydration, I had to relieve myself constantly.

To get a burger in Kingman, AZ, while I Supercharged, by then I knew that I had it made. Only a shorter drive left, with stops for rest and renergizing. At a pullout, I used the cell phone, to chat with potential dates. Some fetching or even beautiful women, by the posted photos, and this sustained me through the driving. All refused to audio chat, so I could have someone to talk to over the car speakerphone. Others stated to refuse video chat, with even pay. So, I am wondering if they are all fakes, as they liked me, but refuse to chat or ID themselves. Me doing dozens of likes, a few did respond. I select women with no kids and not smoking. All types and sorts, some foreign, even.

To Vegas, I drove north on the Strip, after using a pee bottle in the free parking garage. Feeling good that I had made it home, it was now the weekend. Lots of traffic, and I cut off on my street, declining to pass under the Arch. I go back to Reno, in the next week, and will pack my souvenir items, into a box to be shipped to my new home by the Post Office. Too many things to carry in the car. I spent probably $500 on souvenirs, with cups and T shirts, hats, throws, and other things. I have the money for this, to be paid off in years, perhaps.

On the road, I also bought some appliances online, to have them to be installed in the new home. Also other business, as for my mortgage loan and closing date. Then home insurance, and other things. I also bought stuff from Amazon, too. I would have bought crystals from Swarovsky, for my tech items, but they sold out quickly, and I was too slow. Taking care of business for my new home, it will be great.

The drive was mostly recorded, with my front and rear dash cams. I forgot to turn them back on a few times, so some footage was not captured. Also, the rear cam fell down, and I did not catch this for some time. Downloading the videos and photos, this took all night.

I thought of the pretty girls and beautiful women in my life as I drove. Some were aloof, but some were pretty intimate. The memories sustained me, as I had satisfaction. Nothing so personal with this stay in Vegas, except for looking. In my old home town, I had plenty of girls for company. Some off the street, they were willing and pretty. Some 30-40 years ago, it was when I was young. With no heat at home, with the gas shut off due to emissions, I went to local adult entertainment venues, as the places were way heated up. Having $1 beers (1975-1985), I drank slowly. Comfortable in my T shirts, even in winter, I stayed warm during the nights.

No such thing now in Sin City, as the ops have been poor. No strip clubs whatsoever, or ever pro or anything like this. Some girls on this trip seemed interested, as I explained myself. I am now rich, and looking for video chat and company, even a friend or a wife. All later declined, as I am an old guy. No peaks on this trip, either.

At near every stop, I got to social media. Resting and relaxing, I did not fall asleep at the wheel or ever an accident. Miracle that I made it safely, as I was so tired and closing my eyes. I would get the repairs from the parking accidents, without the insurance company claims, which I now requested dropped. My premium doubled, and I do not need this, for just cosmetic damage which can be taken care of by the paint kit, which is sold by the auto manufacturer.

Ordering also a wall connector for the new garage, I would get an electrician to install this. All this was readied online, or by phone. It looks that with Covid, I can not get blinds put in right away. Speaking with a home department store blinds rep, I would want fancy blinds, as it goes into equity. I saw new homes here in Vegas, so plan to buy one perhaps. If my plans go right, I will have two homes and two electric cars. Both to generate income, so I would be rich. To live in the north during summer, and desert in winter. This all depends on financing, but as family is stupid or even ill, they all do not want any part of this.

With hopefully a beautiful young wife to share this all with, I have great plans for the future. The best pickup truck in the world, and forever travel. Likely nobody, so to hike, climb, and ski, solo.

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