Donner Peak, June 9, 2021

DONNER PEAK June 9, 2021

Up early, I cooked bacon for breakfast. I expected snow on the Pacific Crest Trail, so looked for my $19.95 ice ax, but could not find it. I picked my old wooden ax, then zoomed westbound on Interstate 80 to Donner Pass. With new exhibits there, I took photos. With now paved road to the PCT south trailhead, I started on my daily exercise.

Hiking up the trail, I ran into other hikers. Cold and windy, most people had warm clothes, as I did. I soon saw that there wasn't a bit of snow enroute to the top. There was water on the trail just before the turnoff to the peak. Clambering up my usual route, I enjoyed the dramatic cloudy views. I was unable to locate any register, though hikers told me it was there. Figuring the rangers had removed it, as they must have done for my other registers. I may decline to place another one. With the government filled with racist rangers and staff, and banning checkpoints for hiker safety, I don't waste my money.

I had the summit to myself, so did video. Safely getting back to my car, I sought to go to San Francisco, Monterey, and Yosemite. Calling family, crabby and hateful as usual, sister refused any and all of that. Figuring on a shorter road trip with camping, this all may be in the cards. One things for sure, no one would ever be interested. Not even for a million dollars, by the hateful Club membership. I won't be wasting my time further. People could be millionaires by now, but they'll never listen. Better brown skies and cancer forever, than ever a greener and cleaner planet, as the enviro hiking club's choices.

Back to Reno, I dined with the organic buffet, cleaner veggies, w/o poison. I got plenty of good ice cream, and decided not to bag another peak today. Appearing that private or incognito modes are used by every last visitor, so nothing gets reported by my web software, I asked the web host company about this. I soon expect to get my repaired Nikon camera back from the company repair center nearby Los Angeles, CA. So, back to 4K telephotos, and high quality 20 MP images in maybe a couple days.

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