Galena Falls and More, June 8, 2021


Up really early to do some webwork, I started with breakfast. Motoring southbound on Virginia Street, I stopped for a donut. Hungry and curious, I then got a breakfast burrito at the natural foods store. Game for some good hiking, I motored up NV 431 to Sierra Summit and the Tahoe Rim Trail parking lot.

It was windy and cold, so I took my pack, with three layers on. Hikers looked to be turning back, but I was determined. On the trail northbound, I shortly encountered some snow patches. Advised of a dicey section further along, I didn't have my ice ax. Plenty of hikers were making it to the Falls, with care required as you step over what of several small snow patches. To the falls in 1:40, I had it to myself, and then other hikers appeared. I hiked to the top of the falls, and chatted with the two hikers.

I decided to go back by the dirt road, so continued north along the TRT. There was a slight bit of uphill, and some more snow to cross. Easy for me, I viewed the small pond, and gained a higher view of the Lake. With easy hiking down the dirt road, there was some slight gain going back. The road was clear of snow, and it looked to be hiking to Relay Peak. I never saw anyone else on the dirt road. The other hikers refused to join me, as they said that they preferred scenery.

Back to the car, I went by the computer company store, seeking accessories, but they had nothing or were out of stock. Stopping by the electric car dealership, they reported to do some minor body work. I couldn't get accessories, as they don't sell third-party items. The rep turned away as I meant to ask more questions, as trying to call them, you just get a auto reply to go to their app.

Going back to the natural foods store, I made myself a salad with chicken. Under $10 then, this is an ideal way as I did back in Sacramento. There, I walked to the co-op, to get hot food at their buffet bar. With my monthly food budget now at some $400, if I save, I can still dine out once in awhile.

Going to the Huffaker Hills trailhead, I bagged the Rattlesnake 57X. My Watch depleted with power, so it went to power reserve, and I then couldn't use the hiking app. Back to the car, I used my charger to power it back up. Waiting, I had fun with my phone. Then to go head home, as I was now drowsy and then closing my eyes, as I was at the wheel. I ran out of diet soda in my cooler, and with no dine-in at the fast food, I couldn't then get $1 diet soda.

I made it home, took a shower and headed for bed.

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