Peak 5,990, June 6, 2021

PEAK 5,990 June 6, 2021

Up so early, I dealt with my computer, using the word processor, for my notes. Printing plenty of cover pages for my newer register books, I would have enough now for the season's peak bagging. I surmised that it would get hot early, so took off for Clean Water Way to start at 6:15 a.m. This was my second recent ascent, and I took the dirt roads up. I ran into two other hikers, then a truck with shooters out for target practice with a magnificent rifle and scope. All friendly people, I headed up on more dirt roads to the top. My Watch told me how far that I had to go, and it was soon more than half-way. I enjoyed music with my AirPods, as the dirt roads are boring. Continuing on, the conditions were excellent, with no wind, and coolness.

Getting to the top, I had to take a poop, using my plastic shopping bags. I placed the new register container, and started to enjoy the views. Doing video of the cars far below, rolling by on the Interstate, I had my fun. Not taking too long, I headed down with people to chat with. Spending maybe 20 minutes talking, I rambled back down to the car, and sought to find a good place to relax and dine. I went to the natural foods center to dine on multiple items. With coffee, I added ice and sweetener, with cream, it was so good. Going to the new buffet bar, you serve yourself and pay by the weight ($8.99/lb. for a plate). Similar to how it was back in Sacramento at the co-op there. I shortly motored back home.

Blessed now with insulation on my windows, I had shut off the a/c and heat. Comfortable inside, today was a cooler day. Disposing of all my human waste into the toilet, I truly left no trace. I took along two cans of diet soda, which did refresh me. Doing webwork, I had dinner.

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