Granite Hills 9X, June 5, 2021

GRANITE HILLS 9X June 5, 2021

I had some cookies for breakfast. Up to do some peak bagging, I motored to the Cold Springs area to hike Granite Hills 9X. The ascent was along the easy road, with tons of wildflowers. This looks to be the best floral display in the vicinity of Reno, NV. Topping out, the wind blew the register book out of my hand. I captured the views, with someone's rope on a rock. Windy, so I did not stay long, and hiked back down. Seeing nobody, I guess most people hate hiking and nature. Despite my posts and photos, this hike is not well known or traveled.

Back home, I rested with bed, watching a movie, and then listening to music. I had the a/c shut off, and with my new window coverings, it didn't get warm inside. Some 90 degrees outside, my energy efficiency works well. With dinner later, I enjoyed the exercise, and posted the peak bag.